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His and Hers Closets - Eric and Tami Taylor
"I am in love with you completely."
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Eric Taylor is now friends with Tami Taylor, Julie Taylor, Matt Saracen, and 28 others.

Eric Taylor has updated his profile.
Lives in Philadelphia, PA
Head Football Coach at Pemberton High
Relationship Status: Single
-Julie Taylor: Is there something you haven't told us, Dad?
-Tami Taylor: You better correct that.
-Eric Taylor: I don't know how.
-Matt Saracen: I advise you to learn quickly.

Read all of Season 6 on Facebook starting here: http://erikataylor.livejournal.com/773.html. Hope you have fun!
coach taylor
12th-Dec-2011 06:34 pm - New Eric/Tami vid
new vid: Dimming of the Day
vidder: Kass
fandom: Friday Night Lights
artist: Bonnie Raitt
duration / file size: 3:32, 20 mb

I need you at the dimming of the day.

Read vid notes and credits, and watch it streaming, at dreamwidth -- or on livejournal -- or download from my vids page!
11th-Nov-2010 01:25 pm - Sharing the Eric/Tami love
Hi all! I'm posting to let y'all know that I just stubbed out a page about Eric/Tami here at Fanlore, which totally needs more squee and more meta and more perspectives and also more links. If you want to add something there, please do -- and if you don't want to edit the wiki but do want to add thoughts or links or whatever, feel free to leave a comment here & I'll add what you've suggested. :-)
11th-Aug-2010 12:15 am(no subject)

01 - 04 | Merlin
05 - 09 | The X-Files
10 - 40 | Friday Night Lights
41 - 59 | Various Celebrities


HERE @ forbiddenxspark
» actors | connie britton;

Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton, Emmy Nominees (FINALLY) share their awesomeness with the world in interview form...

Text after the cut...Collapse )
1st-Jul-2010 07:38 am(no subject)
The Tropes of Friday Night Lights', Eric and Tami Taylor
Spoilers for the whole series throughout 4x13.

» actors | connie britton;
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